How To Lose 15 Pounds of Winter Weight

Did you put on 15 pounds during winter and are now desperate to get it off?  Winter weight can creep on without us really noticing it.  In winter we wear loose comfy clothing that hides our bodies and eat lots of warm comfort food.  But the problem is that we don’t monitor our weight or size and before we know it the pounds have packed on. When the time comes to put on summer clothes we often get a shock at our rounder, bigger bodies. The older we get we can find ourselves in a yo-yo cycle of weight gain over winter and weight loss during the summer.  If you want to lose 15 pounds fast you are going to have to be dedicated otherwise the weight will not come off at all.  The pounds won’t drop off by themselves and you will not feel comfortable no matter what you do.

Our bodies naturally hold onto weight during winter.  We need fat to protect our inner organs and the extra layer helps to keep us warm.  There are a few tricks you can do to signal your body that spring time is here and it’s NOW the time to lose weight.  If you want to lose weight as fast as possible you need to be disciplined and have your eyes set on your goal.

Don’t listen to your own negative self-talk if you feel like the weight is not coming off as fast as you like or at all. Remember if you are over 40 your body is not going to lose it as quickly as it did when you were younger.  Give your older body time to adjust.   Negative thinking can get you off track and even lead to depression, which will probably end up in comfort eating.  Just stay focussed and you will get there.


losing 15 pounds of winter fat

Now that we are over 40 our goals need to be realistic and achievable.  You may not get the 6 pack you had when you were in your 30’s or get as lean.  BUT you can still be really fit and look great for your age.  You can even look a lot younger than you’re your actual years.  The closer we get to 50 means we are heading towards the heart attack years and joints that don’t function as they use to.  Its much better to focus on heart health and enabling our bodies to work without pain and restriction first and then work on building and shaping our bodies.

Setting long term goals is fine, but short term goals are easier to achieve. Break your goals down into small weekly goals that will carry you through to your long term goals. Keep track of your achievements just for motivational purposes.

Allow yourself a day off.  Have one day a week for eating what you want to eat. Don’t go crazy and eat everything in sight!  But allow yourself some cake, or go out to dinner and really enjoy it without making yourself guilty.  But the next day get back on track otherwise you may find yourself cheating every day. 

If you are finding that you lack motivation or feel disheartened by your results perhaps you should create a visual of how you will perceive yourself once you have lost the weight. Maybe you do need to put up a picture of your slimmer self on the fridge or print out a picture of the hotel you will be staying in on your next holiday.  Even pictures of the clothes you would like to buy or a motivational quote may help you.

Losing weight after 40 is achievable for anyone.  But we do have to admit that we are not young anymore and need to treat our bodies with a bit more care. We can still look great and feel energetic but our approach has to be more controlled and planned then when we were young.